Please spread the word about a very important meeting regarding the future for feral cats, TNR, and colony caretakers in Virginia. If you represent an organization, please also share this message with your members.

Comprehensive Animal Care Laws Workgroup
Due to the anticipated large public attendance, the meeting location has been changed to a larger space. The meeting will now be held in House Room 3 of the Virginia State Capitol. The address of the Capital is 1000 Bank St, Richmond, VA 23219.  The meeting begins at 10 AM and is expected to last until 4 PM. It is critical that Workgroup members hear from the public that we want policies and laws that protect feral cats and their caregivers and that legitimize TNR.

Here is how you can have a say in the matter:

Come to the meeting and during the time of public comment speak up for the cats, their caretakers, and TNR. If all you say is “Please legitimize TNR in Virginia,” and person after person makes such a statement, it will be powerful.

Email Dr Dan Kovich of the State Vet’s office and CC Debra Griggs with your comments. Please address your comments to “Workgroup Members” and if you are from Virginia, please note that in your email signature. You message will be delivered to Workgroup members.

Opponents of TNR are already making their views known to the Workgroup, and we cannot let their message prevail. The Workgroup needs to hear from residents from across Virginia that TNR is healthy for cats, works for shelters, and benefits the community at large.

If you are a TNR advocate and/or a caretaker and have ever felt threatened by anti-TNR policies, this is your chance to speak up and truly make a difference!  Please, please, please act!